Igor Danchenko (Steele Dossier)

Russian trained lawyer, born in Ukraine, with degrees from the US and sub-source of the Steele Dossier.
Danchenko was hired by Orbis Business Intelligence (Steele’s firm) in 2016 to investigate Trump associates, the presidential election and compromising material on Trump while in Russia.
The FBI went on to request 2nd and 3rd FISA renewals for Carter Page, using the dossier as evidence.
In their FISA applications, they claimed to have interviewed their source (Danchenko) and found him to be “truthful and cooperative”.
However, they failed to mention that Danchenko told them his information was not verified.

Update: 11/03/2021 Danchenko indicted by Special Counsel John Durham on five (5) counts of lying to the FBI. (Click Here)

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