Michael Flynn (White House)

Retired US Army Lieutenant General appointed National Security Advisor by President Trump, shortly after the 2016 Nov election.
In late Dec, 2016, prior to the president’s inauguration, Flynn spoke with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak about US sanctions.
In Jan, 2017 FBI Directory James Comey sent FBI officials Andrew McCabe and Peter Strozk, without going through the usual protocols, to interview Flynn about his contact with Russian officials.
Flynn resigned in Feb, 2017 after misleading VP Mike Pence about his communication with Kislyak.
The media reported the Flynn/Kislyak encounter as a possible violation the Logan Act, an accusation that was later considered unfounded.
However, in Dec, 2017 Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI regarding his conversations with the Russian ambassador.
In June, 2019 Flynn hired attorney Sidney Powell, who filed motions to dismiss, which were denied.
In Jan, 2020 Flynn changed his plea to not guilty.
Flynn claims that his original guilty plea was coerced by the prosecution, who threatened to go after his son.

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