Patrick Byrne



Most of the links here are interviews with Patrick Byrne. He discusses his unique experience and involvement with  the 2020 election. There is repetition, but the hosts/interviewers vary and each reveal what many people do not want to believe.
Judge for yourself.

current Deep Capture Patrick Byrne Website
03/19/21 Ann Vandersteele Interview Steel Truth Ann Vandersteel
03/11/21 Eric Metaxas Radio Show Patrick Byrne Shares His Book: “The Deep Rig,” Which Exposes The 2020 Election & The Capitol Event
03/10/21 Tamara Leigh/Brent Hamachek #TheDeepRig​ of #Elections2020on​ Tamara Leigh Trend On featuring Brent Hamachek
(Advance to 5min mark)
03/04/21 Freedom Unchained FBI Set Hillary Clinton Up With $18 Million Bribe (Ann Vandersteel clip)
03/01/21 Twitter account (*** Suspended ***)
01/12/21 Alex Jones Show Patrick Byrne Lays Out a Peaceful Resolution to Election Crisis
01/06/21 Marshall Report Patrick Byrne Speaks Out
01/05/21 Focus Talk DC Freedom Plaza Rally
01/05/21 Alex Jones Show We Are On The Verge Of Losing Our Fundamental Right to Free and Fair Elections
01/02/21 CD Media Interview with Patrick Byrne On Chicom Takeover of US
12/27/20 Newsmax Stinchfield Patrick Bryne Recounts Oval Office Meeting
12/24/20 Pete Santilli Show China Accessed Dominion Voting Machines Via Wireless Modems
12/23/21 Operation Freedom Patrick Byrne: What Really Happened In The Oval Office
12/23/20 Alex Jones Show Insider In White House Meetings With President Exposes Deep State Traitors In Washington D.C.
12/21/20 Dark to Light A Meeting With The President
12/16/20 Alex Jones Show Report: Obama Targeted Hillary Clinton with FBI Sting
12/16/20 NTD Patrick Byrne
12/15/20 CD Media L Todd Wood Overstock Founder Patrick Byrne on Bribing Hillary Clinton
12/15/20 Ann Vandersteel Re-posted (12/25/20)
Hillary Clinton Bribe (***Censored ***)
12/14/20 Thrive Time Show Former CEO of | Evidence That 2020 Election Was Rigged
12/12/20 Bit Chute The Deep State’s Front Door
12/09/20 America Can We Talk Patrick Byrne Interview
12/09/20 Operation Freedom Patrick Byrne: Dissecting The Election Fraud
12/08/21 OAN OAN Report: Tech Millionaire Funds Hacking Team to Discover Voting Fraud
12/07/20 Tore Says Sting Op Deep State Take Down
12/07/20 The New Yorker A Tycoon’s Deep-State Conspiracy Dive
12/06/20 Red Pill 78 Restoring The Republic with Patrick Byrne
12/06/20 Sid Roth interview Sid Roth and Patrick Byrne
12/03/20 Roseanne Barr Roseanne Barr with Patrick Byrne
11/26/21 McFiles Network Former CEO Of Overstock On Election Fraud 2020
11/26/20 Newsmax The Election Was Rigged And Changed Using 5 U.S. Counties
11/25/20 Alex Jones Understanding the Kraken
11/24/20 Patriot Transition Voice PTV: Patrick Byrne
11/24/20 Pete Santilli Show Patrick Byrne – Man Most Feared By The Deep State
11/24/20 banthis,tv Former CEO Explains How Chinese And Communists Can Hack Our Elections
11/24/20 US Elections Patrick Byrne: Dissecting The Electronic Steal
11/24/20 Alex Jones Show Overstock CEO Releases Evidence of Systematic Election Fraud
11/16/20 Dark to Light Smackin’ The Kraken
10/30/20 Dark to Light Patrick Byrne Is Back
10/26/20 Dark to Light An Interview With Patrick Byrne
10/16/20 Dark to Light Town Hall & Byrne Is Back
08/23/19 Conservative Tree  House Details Behind Patrick Byrne Allegations of FBI “Political Espionage”…
08/23/19 CNN Overstock CEO to CNN: FBI asked me to have relationship with Russian
08/23/19 Fox Greg Gutfield Reacts to Patrick Byrne
08/22/19 Fox Business News Exclusive: Former Overstock CEO speaks out on his resignation