Mike Lindell Absolute Proof

Trailer Video Timestamps:

Timestamp Description
13:08 Cyber security experts collected data from 11/01/20 through 11/05/20 (?) showing foreign interference in 29,500 US counties
16:00 Over 60% from China
18:40 Interference: Huawei, Alibaba Com Svc, Iran, others
19:48 Theft of election documented by cyber security experts
20:50 Using surveillance system
21:40 Color coded lines by source/country. Red = China
22:20 FBI Director James Comey was shown data in 2015.
Election machines open for hacking.
Transfer point: data packets leaving Sec. of State office
Antrim County, GA



State #Stolen Votes Biden win margin
AZ 89,781 10K
GA 51,014 10K
MI 28,790 147K
NV 18,044 34K
PA 111,938 68K
WI 20K

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