Jan 6 Charges/Arrests


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Charges/Arrests GW University Capital Hill Cases
Gionet, Tim Neo-Nazi 2021_0210_Neo-Nazi ‘Baked Alaska’ arrested over US Capitol riot
James, Joshua Oath Keepers (?!) SHOCK REPORT! FBI Sends in Armored Vehicle with Turret, 2 Vans, 6 FBI Vehicles, 3 Local Police Vehicles to Arrest Young Father Who Attended Jan. 6 Rally – UNBELIEVABLE INTERVIEW! – Please Help…
Klein, Frederico Trump appointee Trump State Department appointee arrested in connection with Capitol riot
Pepe, William Proud Boys (see Pezzola)
Pezzola, Dominick Proud Boys 2021_0210 Democrat&Chronicle
Sullivan, John BLM/Antifa Blood Money … paid $77K for video