George Webb

Many of the links here were to George’s youtube channel and it was suspended because, well, you know …


George Webb’s Twitter account
Neighborhood News Studio – *** CENSORED *** 12/30/20
George Webb’s UgeTube Videos


Shootings And Bombings Ignored In Georgia While Nashville Gets Wall To Wall Coverage


Trump’s Raid On Belgrade – Now Or Never


Time To Put The Birds In The Air To Belgrade

Gen. Michael Flynn: Tell President Trump:
Go after the Dominion machines and programmer/terrorists in Belgrade, Serbia.
12/23/20 Trump’s Three Options Now

Midwest to DMV – Always On The Move


Trump Tightens Up His Supreme Court Challenge – Looks Much Better

Claim: Pennsylvania: more mail in ballots were returned than were sent out!

Can Trump Crack The Conspiracy With One Word – Teneo?

Theory: The Hunter Biden crew (Devin Archer, Chris Heinz (John Kerry’s stepson), Bevan Cooney) all had secured Teneo blackberry phones. Hmm …
12/21/20 Russian SolarWinds Hack Was A DNC Cleanup Implicates John D. Rockefeller IV and Hank Greenberg of using Russian spies on US/Whitehouse

Trump Needs A Special Session Of Congress Now – We Provided Names For Years

Call Special Session on widespread election hacking & foreign interference. Hire law firm to obtain  depositions, testify to Congress.

Trump Option – Special Session Now – Call Witnesses Like Sean Moran

Declassify 2016 election foreign interference docs, whistleblower testimony before Jan 6; relates to 2020.

D-Day Has Arrived – My Recommendation For Trump

Similar to Frankfort, Germany, raid OTPOR/CANVAS/ Popovik office in Serbia (servers) but probably destroyed by now.  Other: Dominion programmers.

D-Day! Trump and the Insurrection 12-18-20

Ann Vandersteel interview with GW and Generals Flynn, McInerney and Vallely
12/14/20 Was Treasury Hack Cleanup Up For 2016 DNC Cozy Bear Hack? More transparency/collaboration among investigators (Sidney Powell) needed
12/13/20 Now MSM Thinks Blackberries Matter – Part Two Who used military encripted devices and why
12/09/20 Can Trump Win With Foreign Interference Case? Serbian hackers, IP address