Election Integrity Movement

Your effort to ensure election integrity is so important and admirable.

As a registered voter in NY, I worked as an election inspector in 2022 and 2023. I subsequently contacted the Suffolk County BOE to point out what could be perceived as a problem. Briefly stated, the reconciliation process performed at the close of the election reconciles the number of paper ballots with the tabulators (Ballots Used = Tabulator Totals) but does NOT compare this with the Voter Sign Ins (Poll Pad Totals = Ballots Used = Tabulator Totals). Needless to say they did not respond.

I also became involved with auditny.com, founded by Marly Hornik. Her organization has done extensive research and analysis on NYS elections and is actively engaged in exposing and addressing numerous issues. Their findings include, among other irregularities,

  • a registration database that allows multiple records per voter
  • procedures that enable non-citizens to vote
  • both of these findings are in violation of the law
  • evidence of fraudulent votes

Mike LindellCatherine Engelbrecht & Gregg Phillips, David Clements, Seth Keshel, Garland Favorito, Matt Braynard, Marly Hornik and others all have ongoing efforts.

Can these various entities form a coalition?

I believe the ultimate solution is to harness these groups somehow to form a more powerful, national movement. Perhaps at the upcoming Election Crime Bureau Summit.